Hut Casera vecchia di Varrone [1675 m]

Owner: C.A.I. Premana - Guardian: Fam. Angelo Fazzini - Cell.: 320/0938346 - 333/2176114 - Telephone number: MjQxMTg4MS0xNDMgKTAoIDkzKw== - Link: Opening period: Agosto e fine settimana per il resto dell'anno -

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Nation : Italia - Region : Lombardia -
Mountainous area : Valsassina - Valley : Valvarrone - Latitude: 46.03464, Logitudine: 9.49946

Is situated at Casera vecchia di Varrone by the slopes SW of Pizzo Mellasc.

Access: Premana

place of departure: Premana - altitude at departure 950 m - difference in heights: 675 m
travel time: 3 hrs and 30 mins - difficulties: Hike [E]

Having crossedthe bridge that, having crossed Varrone stream that leads to the road to go up to Premana, turn left onto a road passing under the bridge leading to the industrial area of the town where you will leave the car. Past the warehouses, follow the signs "rifugio Casera vecchia di Varrone" along the road that crosses the bridge over the Varrone stream and continue on its left bank. Shortly before Alpe Gebbie return to the opposite side and you will get to Alpe Forno 1128 m. Walking alongside the stream, you will now enter the woods to come out next to a bridge at which after a series of turns, leads you to the beautiful "cascata del Dente " and takes to higher Valvarrone. At the stone bridge (from here, towards the right you will leave the trail that leads to Hut S.Rita) cross over and you will soon reach the hut.


To hut Hut Santa Rita 1988 m (E; 1 hour)
To hut Hut F.A.L.C. 2120 m (E; 2 hours)
To hutHut Grassi Alberto 1987 m by Passo di Comisolo (E; 3 hrs)


To Pizzo dei Tre Signori 2553 m by Bocch. di Trona and the crest N N W (3 hours; EE).


Kompass 1:50.000 n°105 "Lecco-Valbrembana" C.M. Valsassina -Valvarrone -Val d'Esino e Riviera - carta escursionistica 1:50.000 "Grigne-Resegone- Campelli-Tre Signori -Legnone"

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Casera vecchia di Varrone

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