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Hut - Corno Gries [2338 m]

Corno Gries
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Other equipment
Dining hall with 360° view.


Is found in Val Corno, a branchon the west of the head of Val Bedretto. Situated on a grassy ridge that separates the two terminal valleys of Val Corno.

Insert date
Update date
Canton Ticino
Mountainous area
Ticino W.
Valle Bedretto
Opening Period
Guardian present from late June to early October
CAS Bellinzona e Valli, 6500 Bellinzona
Telephone number
+41 (0)91 869 11 29
Beds in winter
Co-ordinates GPS
Lat.146.650 - Lng. 674.610
Public transportation
Post bus at Alpe di Cruina
Place of departure
Alpe di Cruina on the road to the Nufenenpass.
Altitude at departure
2003 m
Difference in level
335 m
Travel time
45 minutes
E - (Hike) route on a well-marked, easy to followtrail or footpath.Requires suitable equipmentand fitness level.
From Alpe di Cruina at the corner of the road that goes to Nufenenpass, go to Val Corno in the WSW direction. The marked trail goes up the right side of the stream to Alpe Cprno 2204 m. From here, proceed to the left, going up the slope to the terrace where the hut is situated.
CNS 1:25.000 Val Bedretto
CNS 1:50.000 Nufenenpass
Guida delle Alpi Ticinesi vol. 1
To huit Maria Luisa2155 m (EE ; 2hrs 30mins)
From the hut, descend to the E and cross the stream. The trail runs at a flat level and goes round the northern slopes of Punta di Elgio to Cappella di San Giacomo 2254 m. From this point, go up towards the SW at the San Giacomo 2313 m pass. From the pass, go down to Val Toggia along the paved road that goes along Bacino del Toggia from above, passing near the dam to the hut.
To Blinnenehorn 3375 m (F ; 4hrs 30 mins) From the hut, take the marked trail towards the SW that leads to Passo Corno 2485 m. From here, proceed along the trail with some ascents and descents to Passo del Gries 2479 m. From the pass, you will eventually reach the traverse at Griesgletscher; go up the easy glacier near the right bank to Gran Sella del Gries 3133 m. From the wide glacial saddle, go up towards the SW walls and round a crevassed area towards the NW. Go up over tracks and debris on the SW crest and keep to the edge till the peak.