Hut Grassi Alberto [1987 m]


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Nation : Italia - Region : Lombardia -
Mountainous area : Valsassina - Valley : Valsassina - Latitude: 46.00941, Logitudine: 9.49181

Lies in a grassy green valley on the eastern side of the Passo di Camisolo.

Access: a) Intorbio b) Barzio-Piani di Bobbio

place of departure: a) Intorbio b) Barzio-Piani di Bobbio - altitude at departure a) 588 m
b) 810 m - difference in heights: a) 1400 m
b) 1177 m
travel time: a) 3 hours and 30 mins.
b) 2 hours and 30 mins. - difficulties: Hike [E]

a)From Via dei Ceppo at Introbio, go to Cappella di Sant'Uberto where the rail No.40 starts, and shortly after, cross the dirt road that leads to Val Biondino. Leaving the trail to Hut Buzzoni (trail sign) to the right, the paved road continues flat along the right side of the valley, while the trail runs along the opposite side to the "monumento del partigiano. At this point, cross the river Troggia and, on the other side, take an old mule track leading back to the main road at an altitude of approximately 970 m. Right after a large fountain,Fonte S.Carlo 1020 m, is the brigde Ponte dei Ladri which allows you to cross over to the other side of the valley and continue on the road to the hut Bocca di Biandino. From the hut, get onto the trai l(trail sign No.76) that goes by the huts Tavecchia and ex Pio X, gradually turning to the ESE to a woody front and emerging at Passo del Camisolo 2020 m c from which it briefly slopes to the hut. b)From Barzio 810 m, in Valsassina, go up to Piani di Bobbio by cable car. Take the track that runs alongside the church of Piani di Bobbio and after having crossed the stretch of road to Valtorta, turn off to the left along the track 89, keeping to the eastern side of the ridge leading to the watershed at Passo del Grandazzo. From the pass, turn left to Passo del Toro and continue halfway up to Bocchetta di Foppabona 1991 m, from where after a new stretch halfway up and a few ascents and descents, you will come to the hut


To hut Hut Santa Rita1988 m (E; 1 hour and 30 mins.)
To hut Hut Casera vecchia di Varrone 1675 m (E; 2 hours and 30 mins.)
To hut Hut Buzzoni Giuseppe 1590 m (E; 1 hour and 30 mins.)
To hut Hut Sora-Casari 1700 m (E; 3 hours and 30 mins.)
To hut Hut Lecco 1780 m (E; 3 hours and 30 mins.)
To hut Hut F.A.L.C. 2120 m (E; 3 hours)


To Pizzo dei Tre Signori 2553 m by via del "caminetto"
Recommended Period: July - October Altitude: : 566 m Difficulty: EE/F Climbing time: 2 hours First Climb: Lorenzo Paribelli, Michele Reina with the guide Giuseppe "Fulatt" Rigamonti il 21st April 1881.
From the hut, follow Sentiero delle Orobie occidentali which roughly follows the ridge that leads eastwards to the summit of Pizzo dei Tre Signori after forming the Cima di Camisolo. Beyond this peak you will reach Pian delle Parole, from whose eastern edge seems to have uprisen a Celtic fort that named the area: Castel Reino (in this section is an ancient boundary of 1776 between the State of Milan and the Venetian State). You will soon reach Bocchetta Alta 2235 m, beyond which you will set foot on the W ridge of Pizzo dei Tre Signori. Leaving "sentiero dei solivi" to the right, proceed directly with an arduous hike to the first rocks.After a few sharp bends and smooth hikes on the rock, you will come to the base of a deep rocky cleft called the "caminetto" (fireplace). Enter the fireplace and walk through it, emerging on the left using a ledge that allows you to reach the subsidiary summit from where you descend to a saddle beyond which is the peak.


Kompass 1:50.000 n°105 "Lecco-Valbrembana"C.M. Valsassina-Valvarrone-Val d'Esino e Riviera -carta escursionistica 1:50.000 "Grigne-Resegone-Campelli-Tre Signori-Legnone"

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