Hut Sciora [2118 m]

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Nation : Svizzera - Region : Canton Grigioni (Graubünden) -
Mountainous area : Masino - Bregaglia (CH) - Valley : Val Bondasca - Latitude: 46.31252, Logitudine: 9.61115

Lies on the upper edge of the amphitheater of Val Bondasca, on the northern side, below the imposing walls of the slopes of Sciore.

Access: Cablecar station in Pranzaira.   

place of departure: Cablecar station in Pranzaira.    - altitude at departure 2163 m - difference in heights: about 800 m up + 800 m down
travel time: 4 hours - difficulties: Mixed difficulty [E/EE]

From Chiavenna take the Val Bregaglia/Maloja Pass road to Pranzaira, about 2 km after Vicosoprano. Leave your car at the parking lot near the departure of the small cablecar that serves the damn. The cablecar seats 8 and in the summer is open from 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. and from 1:15 to 5:00 p.m.

From the arrival station follow the entire damn wall and, after a few minutes on an easy trail, you'll come to the mountain hut.

From Albigna mountain hut go down and cross the damn walls to the caretakers' house. From here take a nice trail on the left (red and white trailmarkers) that goes along the artificial basin and then up past the rocks of the eastern spur of Pizzo Frachiccio. Go around the spur and across a detritus gully (snow) to then ascend the vast eastern slopes of Costiera Cacciabella-Eraveder in a diagonal towards the southwest. The pass is a narrow furrow left (S) of Piz Eraveder, therefore the route has to pass over the eastern ridge of this mountain to the evident saddle 2933 m. Once on the opposite side, first go along an easy ledge and then a small gully to get to the pass (2 hrs and 30 min). From here go up an easy gully (fixed rope) and then over snow to the morainic slopes above Sciora.


To Hut Albigna mountain hut via Cacciabella Pass, 2897 m (EE; 4hrs and 30 min).
To Hut Gianetti Luigi mountain hut via Bondo Pass, 3169 m (EE; 5 hrs). See the following.

To Bivouac Ronconi Titta bivouac, 3169 m (EE; 2hrs and 30 min). From the mountain hut go up over the last grassy turf adn then rubble and boulders, following a faint trail that goes up toward the southeast to the Bondasca Glacier below the cliffs of Sciora. Go up along the slopes of Ago di Sciora and Sciora di Dentro, coming nearer and nearer the middle of the glacier (crevasses). Continue toward the south over slopes with fewer crevasses, heading for the summit of the glacier where the watershed ridge, at 3267 meters of elevation CNS, divides Ferro Pass on the left from Bondo Pass on the right. With a slight turn in this direction, pass the last slopes and easy rocks, which lead you to the pass and Ronconi bivouac. From here follow the route to Gianetti mountain hut in reverse to get down to the mountain hut. To Hut Sasc Fourà mountian hut by way of "Vial" ( EE; 3hrs). From Sciora mountain hut, follow the good trail (trailmarkers are red and white) which heads obliquely for the ridge of Pizzi Gemelli. This path goes over a moraine and, keeping first below the ridge of Gemelli adn then below the majestic face of Cengalo, crosses the moraine with a slight descent. Pass by the Cengalo glacier to come to the end of morainic terrain and the beginning of grassy slopes and boulders, which lead up a short ascent to below the eastern butress of the large ridge that is an extension of the northern edge of Badile. A diagonal ramp cuts into the butress from left to right. This ramp begins at 1900 m of elevation and is called "Vial". Ascend the accomodating ramp, which offers some easy passages on rock, to get to the top. Go onto a large ridge made up of boulders, rock faces and patches of grass. Then go down over the rock faces and lovely grassy tracts to shortly reach the Sasc Fourà mountain hut.




CNS 1:50.000 «Monte Disgrazia» e 1:25.000 «Sciora»; Carta Multigraphic «Pizzo Bernina-Monte Disgrazia» 1:50.000; Kompass 1:50.000 «Chiavenna-Val Bregaglia»; IGM 1:25.000 «Pizzo Badile»

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